About the Club


The Calgary and District Beekeepers Association is a non-profit organization. The main purpose of the Club is to promote and encourage good beekeeping practices in this area, “Under the Chinook arch”.

This website includes practical beekeeping advice for all seasons, with details about swarm management, bee disease and treatment options, feeding and overwintering.

What We Do

The focus of the association is beekeeping in southern Alberta and Calgary in particular. The club hosts both formal meetings with an information focus in a meeting facility, the less formal “Bees & Beers” at the Forest Lawn Legion and seasonal events such as our summer Bar-Bee-Q.

We organize group/club buys of packages, bee supplies and inform you of upcoming courses, seminars and other special events. We also arrange optional beekeeping insurance coverage for our members.

Whether you are a long-time beekeeper or find yourself bee-less in Calgary, you are welcome to join our club and attend our events.

History of Calgary Beekeepers

The Club started in 1930 as a group of long-time beekeepers getting together to discuss their solutions to successful beekeeping in the Calgary area. By 1978 membership was 100 active beekeepers.

During the 1980s, the club became relatively inactive and then bounced back in the late 80s and has been consistently gaining support since then. The Club is now well-established and growing along with the worldwide interest in bees and beekeeping.


You are welcome to participage in the discussions on our newsgroup. When you become a member of the association you will be added to the newsgroup.


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