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About These Bees

These Nucs are made up of overwintered bees from an experienced beekeeper in the Okanagan Valley, BC. The cost this year is $255.

All nucs will come with inspection paperwork from the BC Ministry of Agriculture in accordance with the Bee Act and will be approved for import by Alberta Agriculture. There’s nothing you need to do other then register your new hives once you receive them!

What’s in a “4 Frame Nuc”?

Your new 4 frame nuc will consists of a bee tight transport box and 4 Langstroth deep (mediums, upon request) frames of drawn comb. The frames will be a mixture of newer wood and one piece frames. And contain:

  • 3 Frames of Brood & Hatching Brood
  • 1 Frame of Honey & Pollen

All of our nucs and hives are from overwintered colonies and contain locally breed queens that were used to re-queen hives in the Summer of 2018. We prefer to send out mother queens so customers have fewer issues with rejection.


Not only will we be offering pickup locations in several cities, but every nuc purchased will include a $20 credit to Calgary’s newest beekeeping supply store, Worker and Hive Bee Supply. Gift Cards can be redeemed to buy a variety of essential products such as frames, boxes, jars or extractors!

Visit to purchase or contact Robert McBain at 403.681.1725 with questions.  



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