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Greidanus Honey Mill, High River — NUCS

The Greidanus Honey Mill, located in High River, will be selling 100 nucleus hives spring 2018.

Each nucleus hive will contain:

  • 5 frames of drawn comb
  • 1 pollen frame
  • 1 honey frame
  • a California queen
  • hatched young bees (original bees will be package bees from Australia)
  • 2–3 frames of brood or more

More info:

  • Due to uncertainty in exchange and cost of package bees, pricing will be set mid March
  • Limit of 5 nucleus hives per customer
  • Pickup will be 7–10am on Saturday mornings in May
  • Please email Grace Strom at to place your order
show until: December 31, 2018