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2021 Packages and Frames Club Order

CDBA is now accepting orders for the 2021 Packages and Frames Club Order.

This program is for the members of CDBA only. Memberships are $25 and can be bought on our website:

Order Deadline is March 31, 2021 but we usually sell out early.

Delivery will be April 16th 2021, approx. 5pm, place TBD.

Packages are $225.00 each, no GST.
Frames with Drawn Comb are $7.50 each, incl. GST,

Only email transfer will be accepted as payment, no exceptions.
Packages will arrive on April 16th approx. 5pm in Calgary and have to be picked up on April 16th 2021 by the person making the order/payment at the location TBD.

To order please follow this link, fill out the form and submit:

In March you will receive an order number, price and instructions where to email transfer your payment.
If any questions, the Coordinator can be reached at :