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IPM: Iotron Equipment Sterilization

The Calgary Club has, in the past, sent equipment for sterilization to Iotron in Coquitlam, BC.
There will be no program for spring 2016.
For information and photos for the Iotron Sterilization program please see the description by the Richmond Beekeepers Club.
Beekeepers may do this on their own account. Because of the minimum charge, it takes about 85 supers or more to bring the costs to $5/box.

You may wish to arrange to include your shipment with another beekeeper or club by contacting Iotron directly –

For club shipments, please label each box with:

Beekeeper’s name
Club name: “Calgary Beekeepers”

Beekeeper’s contact phone
Beekeeper’s email for this purpose.

Plastic Bags
Glad offers an “Extra Large Clear Bag”: 127L, 31″x42″ in boxes of 20.
Superstore noname offers a bag: 127L, 31″x41.7″ in boxes of 50.

Walmart offers a bag: 121L, 31″x48″ in boxes of 20.
If you are using a coloured, not clear, garbage bag please mark the package on the outside with an arrow indicating which side is up.
Somewhere near your label indicate the number of the box: 1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc.

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