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CDBA 2021 Speakers List

In general, we have scheduled speakers to discuss topics that are relevant to the time of the year; however, some speakers were scheduled based on availability.

We typically do not have meetings in July and August. This year, Dr. Medhat Nasr asked to speak in August so that we can better prepare our bees for winter. I have scheduled one speaker per meeting except for the May 26 when we will have 2 speakers: Michael Zabrodski (a vet and researcher from University of Lethbridge) and Dr. Patricia Wolf-Viega (manager of the GPRC National Bee Diagnostic Centre).

Other speakers include well-known researchers such as Dr. Tom Seeley and Dr. Samuel Ramsey and our own members Ron Miksha and Neil Bertram. We will hear from a wide range of experts and researchers and end the year in December with Dr. David Crowler who will speak to us about the Asian Giant Hornet. On May 12, our provincial apiculturist, Samantha Muirhead, will update us on Pest Management in Alberta.