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BEES and BEERS – Livestream, second edition – August 19th, 7pm

BEES and BEERS – Livestream – On Wednesday August 19th , 7pm on You Tube

Live from Chinook Honey Company & Chinook Arch Meadery

During the summer months traditionally our club would get together for “BEES and BEERS” once a month.

Due to Covid19 we still can not meet conveniently without wearing masks etc so we do a second edition of our online Bees and Beers

There is a third and maybe a 4th broadcast in the works for the near future

I will inform you all once we know for sure

On Wednesday August 19th 7pm to 8pm we will do a live-stream with a small presentation from Chinook Honey and Meadery We will also include some Q&A.

So grab your favorite beverage and join the Calgary Beekeepers You Tube Channel online.

Thank you

Join our live stream on the Calgarybeekeepers You Tube Channel, login a few minutes early so you can find us